Save 20% on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office upgrades with URcdkeys

This Windows 10 and Microsoft Office upgrades post is presented by URcdkeys.

If you’re running Windows 7, you should know Microsoft Corp. stopped supporting that version of the operating system in January. So you’re past due for an inexpensive upgrade courtesy of URcdkeys, which is currently offering 20% off various Windows 10 and Microsoft Office upgrades for Cult of Mac readers when they use a special code at checkout.

Windows 10 and Microsoft Office upgrades

It’s always a good idea to stay within shouting distance of the latest OS version and major software package releases. That way you won’t miss out on newer functionality, smooth system compatibility and technical support. Once you’re a few years out of date, you could run into trouble on any or all of those counts. So instead of waiting until you’re computationally flummoxed, think about some upgrades.

That’s where URcdkeys comes in. Its genuine Windows 10 and Microsoft Office upgrade keys already cost significantly less than what you’d pay Microsoft, and now you can take an additional 20% by entering our special code, CMAC, when you make a purchase.

So, if you recently assembled a PC, have one without an OS or simply want to be more up-to-date, here’s your chance. In addition, URcdkeys’ site offers reduced-price activation keys for office applications for PC and many games played on consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) and Windows computers (via Steam). Plus, with the code CMAC, you get an additional 20% discount on Microsoft products.

Get the Windows 10 Pro OEM key for $12.73

To take advantage of a great deal on URcdkeys’ main product, just head over to its page for Windows 10 Pro OEM keys. Enter the code CMAC at checkout. That lowers the price by 20%, turning $17.17 into just $13.74.

After you have the key, just download Windows 10 Pro and install it the way you normally would. After installation, go to Control Panel > System in Windows settings, click on Change product key, and enter the OEM key from URcdkeys to activate your copy of the OS.

Other specific offers

Looking around the URcdkeys site, Cult of Mac readers will find several ways to save money on helpful upgrade options. Check out the following specific product deals you can score:

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