One of Apple’s biggest suppliers planning to open factories in Vietnam

One of Apple’s biggest suppliers planning to open factories in Vietnam
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Apple manufacturers like Foxconn have already expanded production to places like India. Now Apple supplier Pegatron is looking to Vietnam as a location to possibly carry out some of its manufacturing work.

The move would help Pegatron, which is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, to diversify beyond its current home in China.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple supplier Pegatron is looking to build a brand new facility in the north of Vietnam. It has also rented a facility in the northern city of Haiphong.

Pegatron follows Foxconn, Wistron, AirPods maker GoerTek, and assemblers Compal Electronics and Luxshare Precision in embracing manufacturing in Vietnam.

“Vietnam’s enhanced vocational training has helped boost the quality of its pool of workers to close to China’s level,” Roy Lee, a researchers at the Taipei-based Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, told Bloomberg. Lee also pointed out that Vietnam’s government is trying to make it easier for companies to invest in Vietnam.

Pegatron will not, at least initially, make iPhones at its Vietnam factories. However, this move is absolutely in line with a previous request made by Apple. Last year, Apple reportedly asked its main suppliers to explore shifting production from China to Southeast Asia. This was in response to the burgeoning China and U.S. trade war. While that issue has settled down somewhat in recent months, not being as reliant on China for manufacturing is good for companies like Apple.

Previously, Pegatron began assembling Apple’s MacBook and iPad devices using a local manufacturer in Batam, Indonesia.

Source: Bloomberg

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