Apple Pay Express is now live for TfL rides in London

Apple Pay Express Mode is now available for travelers in London, Apple has confirmed. The feature allows users to pay for fares without first authenticating using Face ID or Touch ID. Just tap the card reader with an iPhone or Apple Watch and walk on by.

Apple says that Apple Pay Express Mode is now available on multiple methods of transport across London. In fact, if it’s run by TfL, it now supports Apple Pay Express Mode. That means the Overground, DLR, River, Underground, TfL Rail, Buses, and Trams all support the feature.

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Paying for journeys on Transport for London is easier with Express Mode for Apple Pay. You don’t need to authenticate your payment with Face ID or Touch ID. Simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the yellow card reader and go.

As always, Apple is keen to make sure users know that it doesn’t want anything to do with its location data and won’t be tracking where they used Apple Pay Express Mode.

Apple never tracks your journey. And if you lose your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can lock your card remotely. Express Mode is just for TfL services – all other payments still need Face ID or Touch ID authentication.

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