IKEA ad teases Apple for Mac Pro cheese grater design

The new Mac Pro.
Photo: Apple

The cheese grater jokes will eventually die down, so IKEA’s Bulgaria stores this week quickly joined the fun of teasing Apple for its new Mac Pro with advertising.

The ads feature, of course, a four-sided metal grater against a white backdrop under the headline “Designed for apples.”

IKEA ad trolling Mac Pro cheese grater
IKEA joins the teasing while the joke is still fresh.
Photo: IKEA

The ad further piles on. The creators emphasized the cheap price of 3,99lv, or $2.30, by bumping up the point size and purposely used a lower case “i” on the name of the product, “iDEALISK grater.”

The Smarts is the advertising agency behind the ad.

During the keynote to open WWDC on June 3, Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro with the kind of updated power creatives have been clamoring for over the last few years. The work station features a $6,000 tower that is a ringer for the common kitchen grater with handles on top and its front plate dimpled with ventilation holes.

Apple fans watching a live stream of the keynote immediately trolled Apple on Twitter with pictures of graters. The base price, including a $5,000 monitor that sits on a separately sold stand costing an extra $1,000 added a sharper edge to the social media snark.

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