Check out this week’s amazing new weather, contacts, news, and music apps

This week we read the news (later) with Fiery Feeds, squeeze out music with Korvpressor 2, add photos to our contacts with Vignette, and way more.

Fiery Feeds: RSS Reader

The new three-pane view.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Fiery Feeds just added an amazing Instapaper-like read-later function. You can add articles to it from inside Fiery Feeds, or — using the new share extension — from any other app. Safari, for instance. The articles are saved offline, and your reading progress is saved, and also synced via iCloud if you use multiple devices.

Add in iCloud-only accounts, a new three pane view, and much more, and this is a fantastic update for fans, and a hugely useful app for noobs.

Price: Free

Download: Fiery Feeds: RSS Reader from the App Store (iOS)

Vignette – Update Contact Pics

Vignette App icon on iPhone Screen
Vignette App icon on iPhone Screen
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Vignette is a single-purpose app that does one thing very well. It takes a look at your pathetic contacts list, and all those gray circles where a nice contact photo should be. It then sets out to fill in those photos, grabbing them from the web’s various social networks. The nicest feature is that Vignette protects your privacy. You never have to log into anywhere to use it. It just performs searches on openly-available sources.

Price: Free

Download: Vignette – Update Contact Pics from the App Store (iOS)

CARROT Weather

Lightning CARROT 2
Lightning CARROT
Photo: Grailr LLC

The latest version of Carrot Weather adds two great features. One is a lightning-strike alert, which tells you if lightning has struck nearby. This is extremely handy if you’re a church-steeple repairperson, or a TV antenna installer. The other is “critical alerts.” These are iOS alerts which can break through Do Not Disturb and other restrictions, as if they were alarms set by you. Plus all the sarcastic weather coverage you could wish for.

Price: $4.99

Download: CARROT Weather from the App Store (iOS)


Korvpressor 2 inside GarageBand.
I mean, look at it. It’s beautiful.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Korvpressor is a compressor. What’s a compressor? It takes audio and squeezes it, making the quiet parts louder, and the louder parts quieter. This lets you fine-tune your music, or a single track in, say, GarageBand.

Korvpressor also has basic EQ controls for bass, middle, and treble adjustment, a mix knob to balance the compressed signal with the “dry” un-effected signal, plus a bunch of factory presets.

Price: $4.99

Download: Korvpressor from the App Store (iOS)


Bunch is both simple and powerful.
Bunch is both simple and powerful.
Photo: Brett Terpstra

Bunch is a dock-dwelling Macapp that lets you launch and quit groups, or “bunches,” of apps in one go. You can use it to simulate workspaces, or just to open those same apps you always open every morning. It can also launch web pages, open specific documents, and even attempt to focus the particular app you wan to use first.

Price: Free

Download: Bunch from Brett Terpstra



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